Recently published NIA research revealed an association between blood pressure control and a decreased risk of both dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Investigators pooled data from six longitudinal studies and over 31,000 participants in order to evaluate associations between the use of antihypertensive drugs and incident dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  For individuals diagnosed with high blood pressure, taking antihypertensive medications was associated with a 12% reduction in dementia risk and a 16% reduction in Alzheimer’s disease risk.  There was no association between antihypertensive use and disease risk among participants with normal blood pressure.  Taken together, these results help to reinforce the findings from the SPRINT-MIND trial and highlight the important role that antihypertensive drugs may play in helping to prevent dementia and AD among those who have high blood pressure. These findings were published in the Lancet Neurology.