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FONIA Member Educational Briefing: Obesity and Aging

The Alliance for Aging Research presented an educational briefing on Capitol Hill that addressed the affects of obesity on the aging population. Experts in the field of aging discussed the link between obesity and age-related chronic disease and the research underway to better understand the impact of obesity on older Americans.

This briefing was part of the “Diseases in the Shadows” series focusing on dangerous and elusive health conditions that afflict millions of older people.

Speakers Included:

Daniel Perry
Executive Director
Alliance for Aging Research

Robert Friedland, Ph.D.
Founding Director, Center on an Aging Society
Georgetown University

Richard Suzman, Ph.D.
Director, Behavioral and Social Research Program
National Institute on Aging, NIH

Click here to view Dr. Friedland’s presentation.

Click here to view Dr. Suzman’s presentation.

NIA-supported Work on Alzheimer’s Featured in Upcoming Film

Posted by Kimberly Acquaviva, PhD, MSW on January 13, 2009 at 8:36am

FoNIA Member John Q. Trojanowski from The University of Pennsylvania sent me this exciting update regarding an NIA-funded initiative:

Two Penn-made public education videos on Alzheimer’s disease and Healthy Brain Aging will air on PBS in early 2009. The two films (“Taking the Steps to Healthy Brain Aging…Learning from Research” and “Shining a Light on Alzheimer’s Disease…Through Research”) were produced with a generous grant from the MetLife Foundation as a collaborative effort by 4 National Institute on Aging (NIA)-funded Alzheimer Centers, the Institute on Aging, the Penn Memory Center and the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research. The 2 educational videos are available to the public for free through the NIA-supported Alzheimer’s Disease Education And Referral (ADEAR) Center ( and the can be viewed on line at the links below:

To enable broader public access to these films, MetLife subsequently supported the integration of these two films into one entitled “Alzheimer’s Disease: Facing the Facts” that currently is poised to reach >80% of all TV markets in the country including WHYY in Philadelphia.

Below are the airtimes for this film on WHYY.

WHYY Main TV12 Channel Tues, 01/20/2009 10pm
WHYY Main TV12 Channel Sun, 01/25/2009 3:30am
WHYY Main TV12 Channel Sun, 01/25/2009 6pm
WHYY Digital Y Info Channel Thurs, 01/22/2009 10pm

To order FREE copies of the two DVD’s (“Taking the Steps to Healthy Brain Aging…Learning from Research” and “Shining a Light on Alzheimer’s Disease…Through Research”), send an email to [email protected] or call Vijay Shanmugamani at ADEAR (1-800-438-4380) with:
* Name of center, contact person (with phone number), and shipping address
* Quantity of DVDs requested (e.g., 200 Shining a Light on AD, 300 Healthy
Brain Aging)

The DVD’s are also available for the public to view or order free at the ADEAR Center Web site (