“Small Towns/Big Trends: Demographic Insights on Living, Working, and Thriving” briefing hosted by the Population Association of America

Small Towns/Big Trends: Demographic Insights on Living, Working, and Thriving,” that the Population Association of America is hosting on Friday, March 18, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. ET.

The briefing will feature an expert panel presenting research regarding demographic, economic, health, and environmental challenges and opportunities facing U.S. rural communities from the Interdisciplinary Network on Rural Population Health and Aging (funded by the National Institute on Aging), and the Rural Population Research Network (funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture).

More information about the briefing, including a link to register, is available on the PAA home page.

#ResearchDiversity Day – October 21st

Join NIA and other institutes across NIH to celebrate #ResearchDiversity Day. The event will take place on October 21st from 1:00-2:00 PM ET. This year, NIA will focus on diversity supplements and the grantees who have been awarded them. Follow along on Twitter using #ResearchDiversity to hear directly from awardees about their research, experiences, and how having a diversity supplement has helped advance their research careers.

Remembering Miriam Kelty, PhD

We join our colleagues at NIA in expressing condolences at the passing of Dr. Miriam Kelty.

Miriam Kelty, Ph.D., former associate director at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and founder of the NIH Bioethics Interest Group, died June 6, 2021. A trained psychologist, Kelty held many leadership positions in her nearly 40 years at NIH. Her areas of interest included bioethics, clinical research policy, mentorship, and behavioral research.


#NIAFundsMe Social Media Campaign

We are pleased to announce FoNIA’s social media campaign #NIAFundsMe to highlight NIA’s role in investing in innovative and impactful aging research.  Attached and at the link below is a #NIAFundsMe tool kit to demonstrate how to participate in the campaign.  Feel free to use the “blurb” below in your outreach and communications to your membership, partners, and Boards to encourage researchers to share all the incredible work they do with NIA funding and allowing us to share their story and the role of NIA funding.  We can then amplify the messages to Congressional leadership and appropriators.

#NIAFundsMe Social Media Campaign

The Friends of the National Institute of Aging (FoNIA) has designed a social media campaign to highlight the research that NIA funds which enhances the lives and expands the health span of all Americans.  FoNIA is encouraging all aging researchers to take a picture of themselves and/or something emblematic of their research and post to social media using #NIAFundsMe hash tag.  FoNIA can then funnel these posts to appropriate Congressional social media feeds.